Weaving Drafts from The Block Weave Workshop

Here are the drafts used on the looms for the Weave-In Workshop on April 4. Some of the drafts were derived from profile drafts.  Others were obtained from various weaving books that dealt with block weaves.  They can all be used freely for your own weaving projects.

Two Blocks of Huck Lace. Repeat the threading for the design and end with plain weave (1-2-1-2 etc) to match on both selvedges.  The treadling sequence is repeated throughout the piece.
 This is a six block (eight shaft) Huck Lace pattern.  One complete threading and treadling sequence are shown.  As with the previous huck lace draft, you may want to add selvedges threaded on shafts 1 & 2 so that there will be a plain weave border.

This is one half of the threading draft for Turned Summer and Winter. (Mirror the threading at end number 60) The treadling sequence is complete. There were two yarns in the warp, a pattern thread of wool (blue) and a fine thread of rayon.  The weft is one shuttle and all rayon.


 Four shaft turned taqueté.  Alternate colors in warp.  This is only a portion of the draft, but block A is threaded 1-2-3-4 and block B is threaded 2-1-4-3.  Turned taqueté can be a warp faced weave and the warp for the weave-in was sett at 40 epi.  The weft was a fine cotton.
Turned Twill on 8 shafts. Treadle block A 1-2-3-4
and block B 5-6-7-8.  This is just a portion of the threading and treadling because the draft is large.  However, the sequences for each block are easily determined from this draft segment.

Summer and Winter Draft.  The tabby weft (gold) is usually smaller than the pattern weft (blue) but in our sample, they were the same grist.  This is two complete repetitions of the threading.  To make the selvedges the same, thread the left selvedge with block A (1-3-2-3) twice.  This is a two shuttle weave.

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